Congregation Ner Tamid Men's Club

The Congregation Ner Tamid (CNT) Menís Club is a member of the Federation of Jewish Menís Clubs, Western Region. The club provides a forum for men comitted to improving the quality of Jewish life at Ner Tamid and in the Jewish community. The clubs overall goals are to enhance the practice of Conservative Judaism in Palos Verdes and the surrounding cities, provide manpower and funding in support of other Ner Tamid organizations, and provide a program of activities that address current issues of concern to the members; e.g., health and fitness, cultural pursuits, photography, computer technology etc.

        In support of these goals, the club activities and events;

    1. Strengthen the involvement of the clubs members in the life of the Congregation.
    2. Integrate and advance the institutions of the Congregation.
    3. Promote a more thorough knowledge and appreciation of Jewish life.
    4. Stimulate social and cultural activities among the members and in the community at large.
    5. Train knowledgeable leaders for the Congregation and Jewish Community.
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